Vincent Morales

Vincent Morales - Listings Agent 

Los Angeles native and early member of Ari Afshar & Associates and Compass, Vincent Morales, is a quickly rising talent that knows how to make you the priority.

We never miss an opportunity to bring you to the home of your dreams, or bring the perfect buyer to the property you already own and much of that competitive edge is due to Vincent’s relentless work ethic. With experience in many of LA’s most rapidly appreciating luxury markets like Bel Air, Beverly Hills, Studio City, and Sherman Oaks - Vincent has been able to consistently sell high and buy low for our clients.

Coming into the real estate business initially focusing on ground-up developments, Vincent also has first hand experience in construction industries and is well connected with wholesalers and superintendents across the map providing our operation a wealth of contacts for many deals such as developments/ tear-downs and renovation projects. Specializing in listing homes came naturally and as a result, record breaking sales across the map became more and more common for Vincent through the years.  

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