Luxury Real Estate in Los Angeles

Real Estate in Los Angeles is a notoriously intense market for buyers and sellers alike. This is especially true for the luxury market. What separates Ari Afshar from the competition rests upon two simple foundations. First of all, with Ari you do not just hire an agent, but a seasoned and battle-tested broker who has a treasure trove of experience in the high-end real estate game. Secondly, Ari is a Beverly Hills native, with an unparalleled network of personal and professional connections that can be leveraged for prospective buyers and sellers. So whether you are in the market to sell or buy your property, Ari's expertise and local knowledge are at your disposal. 


Ari is proud to showcase the stunning properties currently listed for sale. His portfolio has something for everyone - from modern, italian renaissance to classic californian, we only show the best. The properties are priced between 2.3 and 15 million. Serious offers only, thank you.


I do not just close deals, I establish relationships. Even after you have chosen your new dream home, I want to showcase just how spectacular your property truly is. I ensure an enjoyable, exciting home-buying process. I would not have made it this far if it were not for these wonderful properties and happy home-owners. 
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